So, you are really interested in what music I listen to? Oh brave soul, you’ve reached the end of the interwebz. Run as long as you can … … … you are still here? Well, I guess I will have to deliver now. But do not fear, this page is mostly just a list of playlists.

Since my early teenager years I have been making playlists of music I like. It all started with “Marv’s Indie October” on a music forum back in the days, where I have posted one song a day for the whole month. That series of playlists has quickly developed into “Marv’s Music October” and has been ongoing for 11 years until 2019. My old internet music friends have long be gone, new friends have been met and therefor the need for Marv’s Music October was obsolete. The ways we share music with each other has developed. Everyone makes playlists now and to me, there is no need for my music october anymore. These playlists where never considered to be permanent, but only a snapshot of my musical taste at that time. So please excuse me, if I will not release these playlists on here (most of them have been lost for a long time anyway).

But new selfs spark new ideas, and so I have started to archive random finds of music into monthly playlists. These playlists are the product of my fully private weekly playlists. All songs I hear and (re-)discover every week are being “curated” into monthly playlists that I share on here. So please feel free to enjoy them. Every now and then I will still release other irregular playlists such as my “Trüffelteller” and “Printemps”. I will not lists playlists made before 2021 on here for the sake of lazyness (as I’ve told you in my “About” page).