The biggest inspiration for myself is music. This might sound very cliché to say, but probably everyone that has worked with me would agree on that in fact. So here is what and how I get inspired by music with a few examples.

My relation to music

While I am pretty much unmusically and dance always off-beat (tho, I dance perfectly off-beat), it is also the biggest source of inspiration for me. Since I can remember, I have developed my quite specific understanding of music. It helps me when I am down, it helps me concentrate, it helps me communicating, it helps me having fun and it helps me being whatever I want to be. While I mostly don’t know popular music, I’ve developed a pretty huge knowledge about independent and genre specific music.

To me, music isn’t about technical perfection but a set of patterns of emotions. I claim that I can hear the relation of the artists to their music. Do they actually have a relation to their music? Where they moved or inspired by something that lead them to (co)write their songs? Is there an emotional concept in the transportation of their message? Does it feel genuine or generic? What did the artist feel, what did the artist try to tell us with their music? What do I feel listening to that song or this album? Questions like these move me while listening to music and move me to try and approach situations I am having in different ways.

I am one of these people that do not always listen to the lyrics but also or sometimes just to the sound of the music1. I can enjoy the song in different ways, in any combination with and without: lyrics, sound, video. This way I can experience the same songs in different ways.

To genre or not to genre

As you have probably noticed already, I am not your average listener. While most people categorize music in genres (I do, too) I prefer to categorize music by moods. Do I feel bad but want to feel good? Do I feel good and want to keep that feeling? Do I need inspiration? Concentration? Do I want my thoughts to wander around? Am I drawing? Stargazing? Relaxing? Doing some sports?

This way of thinking about music has become more popular for quite a while now, which makes me feel happy, because I do not feel like a musical alien anymore. But don’t get me wrong, music was made by someone for someone. Let no one tell you how to think about music. Music is art, and art can always be interpreted differently based on who is consuming it. I was inspired to think like that about 15 years ago by that neat little hotel2 / studio that has dropped the idea of genre but categorized music in moods. Every room also functioned as rehearsal room and was styled individually to spark the dedicated mood.

Ever since then, I’ve tried to avoid genre while choosing music to listen to. This way of thinking isn’t the easiest to communicate to others and is also pretty specific, so it isn’t the best way to approach talking about music with people in person, but as this website is basically all about me, I took myself the right to elaborate that thought. But enough talky-talk, have a look at some fine but forever incomplete selection of music I like. Or directly head over to my list of playlists.

An forever incomplete & changing selection

All links on this list will open external websites such as YouTube, Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Check the link before opening if you are concerned about your privacy. Songs on this list are subject to change without any notice. I will revisit this list every now and then.

  • Jonas Mantey - Wie Alles Begann // Soundcloud
  • FiNCH x TAREK KIZ - Onkelz Poster // YouTube
  • Ben Salomo - Deduschka // YouTube
  • Declan McKenna - My House // YouTube
  • Gramatik - Dungeon Sound // Soundcloud
  • LGoony - Alleine gegen Alle // Youtube


  1. William Fitzsimmons mentioned, that he was asked by a journalist about his european tour, “are you scared that, for a lot of the people, they are not listening to your words?” (Around 0:30) Finding Home Documentary - Tour Version 

  2. Sadly I don’t remember the name of that hotel and even though I’ve been searching around for the past years, I can’t find it anymore. If you, by any chance, know if this hotel still exists and know it’s name, please contact me! Even if that hotel doesn’t exist anymore. You can always DM me on Twitter.