The s0!l, or for non-nerds “Soil” is me. The Human, Marvin. It can be described as the soil of the Zen Garden. My basic self, my identity, my fundamental principles. Things that will basically never change or would take a long time and a lot of (self) evaluation to be changed. It is the DNA of my takes, of my ideas.

Hello everyone, my name is Marv, a Berlin Köpenick1 based tech & sci-fi nerd. I used to be the technical lead of a berlin based agency for digital transformation aiming on german b2b SME. Now I am freelancing again. That’s as much as I’d like to talk about my work as this Zen Garden is supposed to be my personal digital hideaway.

I was born in Berlin Köpenick in 1992 and have ever since been intrigued by technical things and logical structures. In my school time I was focused on natural science, astronomy and computer science. Even though my focus on science, I’ve written my MSA2 thesis about “Treptow-Köpenick rocks - a political confession?”, a music and politics mixed take on the music scene in our borough and their political views and engagements.

I have and will always have a tight relation to music as it is not only entertainment but also quite therapeuthic to me. Feel free to check out the music page on my inspiration section.

I think I was about ten years old when I’ve built my first device, a basic morse code translater that converted the input of morse code into signals to a simple LED. At the age of 12 I have built my first FM receiver. At that time, our family wasn’t very wealthy at all. Don’t get me wrong, we had everything we needed, but at that age, you want more than you need. You have wishes. As my parents saw what I can do with such a machine, they decided to buy me a computer. My father is a pretty hardcore hardware nerd and told me, that, if I want a computer, I have to learn it from the very beginning. So my first ever computer was a MS-DOS3 machine they bought for a very low price as Windows was already on it’s rise. And so was my interest in software by then. With seemingly endless possibilities infront of me, I have shifted from hardware to software.

Just a while later me and my brothers received a Windows machine for christmas. With the connection to the world wide web in it’s shift from 1.0 to 2.0 I have found my love to digital design. But when I figured out how limited digital design was back then, and with a mix of my love to online gaming, I’ve started to teach myself how to program basic websites for my gaming clan. I would consider this moments to be the fundamental moments of my development love. I’ve consumed basically everything that was related to computer science. And where computers are, natural sience isn’t far. No matter if facts or fiction. I’ve consumed a lot of literature in science and science fiction which made me the person I am now. A logical but dreaming and futuristic pragmatist.


  1. Köpenick, a borough/district in the south east of Berlin. More about Köpenick on Wikipedia

  2. The MSA is a abbrevation for “mittlerer Schulabschluss”, it used to be called “mittlere Reife”. More about mittlere Reife on Wikipedia

  3. MS-DOS is a disk based operation system by Microsoft. More about MS-DOS on Wikipedia