To finish it off, s33ds are ideas that I have and that I want to try. Over time these seeds will prosper to beautiful plants.

Leaving Big-Corp Tech

As surveillance is rising and the abuse of humans private data, I’ve decided to slowly leave the big-corp tech world. At this moment I am using my Raspi 4+[^1] to set up my personal structure for tools such as IDE’s, password managers, calendars and more. The next step will be leaving plattforms such as Facebook, Discord and co.

Phase: Working on.

Situation: Q3/2023: With my switch from Twitter to Bluesky (bsky), I have finally done the last step towards data freedom. I am quite happy about this step, as I feel refreshed and less pressured to respond to topics I don’t actually care about. That was one of my biggest problems with post-2017 Twitter, the whole sensation of artificially created discussions.

Realm of Fantasy Lords

I have finally started working on a game I have been thinking about for the past two years. Originally I wanted to create a cyberpunk-ish game, but that was mostly influenced by the fuzz about that topic. I decided to take my experience in hosting D&D sessions into creating my first game. While I still figure out how I will implement that journey on my website, you can already check out some information and sporadic updates on bluesky (link in sidebar).